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How to Vacation With a Difference in Thailand

What is your idea of an ideal vacation? Most probably you are looking forward to some good food, great accommodation, and plenty of natural wonders and white beaches. Or perhaps a light dose of some hedonism. But it really doesn’t have to be so. You can mix your great vacations with some life-changing charity work in Thailand. With the Bamboo volunteer travel Thailand program, you can explore this on so many levels.

Holidaying while doing things that create difference in the community leaves you feeling nice about yourself and makes the world a better place. In the South East Asian nations of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, there are so many things that you can do for the invisible others in order to make their world a better place.

These can range from the financial donations, to donating your time and skills, to diverse kinds of community development and conservation projects. Here is a summary of some volunteerism projects that you can undertake with Bamboo volunteer travel Thailand for your vacations to truly make a difference:

Do some volunteer work in a rural elephant village in Thailand

With the Bamboo volunteer company in Thailand, you can access some great volunteering opportunities in the conservation arena. Many of these mainly deal with conservation of SE Asia’s large elephant population in the popular elephant villages.

This can offer you the experience of the real Thailand and is one of the most unforgettable experiences. You will be undertaking various scheduled activities such as feeding the elephants. Meals and accommodation are covered and you can take some time off for some tour in Bangkok.

Teach English

This is one of the most common reasons why thousands of volun-tourists head to SE Asia every year. If you are a good English teacher, you can go ahead to some of the impoverished communities in Thailand and teach kids how to speak and write better English in order to prepare them for challenges of the future. It is even better if you are an experienced teacher or a professional in other areas as you can combine your teaching with capacity building in these schools.

Community Development Work

Looking for a way to apply your skills and knowledge in order to improve the livelihood of an impoverished village in remote Thailand? There are many places where you can take community development work such as in the Koh Samui Island in the Gulf of Thailand. Work can range from English tutoring to improving the conditions of an underprivileged school.

The Bamboo volunteer abroad Thailand programme offers you one of the most comprehensive and honest ways to immerse yourself in volun-tourism. You will be volunteering your skills, money and effort with satisfaction that all your assistance is going directly where it is most needed. The Bamboo volunteer travel Thailand programme is supported by a great team of people who are deeply invested in seeing you have a great time while making a difference in the communities where it matters the most.


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