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Skylight Maintenance 101: Avoid Roof Leaks with the Help of Roof Coatings

Change is a part of life and this is the reason every person keeps on changing their surrounding environment. This holds true especially in a person’s humble abode – his house. Interior design and other aspects on beautifying a house will always be a priority for any person who sees their home as a reflection of their hard work in life. Every individual looks for unique and totally fresh house designs and installs any feature that goes with his or her own preference and status as well. Beautiful solar skylight and roof windows, aside from its environment-friendly functionality, always enhance the beauty of the room. However, after installing dome skylights, one of the most common problems that every house owner has to face is roof leakage. Roof leakage from poorly-installed solar skylight roof windows causes a major damage not only to the looks of the room and house but also to the pocket. Fortunately, there is an all-fix solution available today thanks to the construction industry’s innovation efforts. This article tackles roof coatings and how it helps your roof leakage problem go away:

Repair roof window leaks with the help of roof coatings

Repairing and maintenance of any type of roof windows or skylights, be it solar skylight, diamond skylights, or belle skylights is a tricky task as it not easy to pinpoint the source of leakage on the roof. There are several expensive ways which one can opt for, but there is no guarantee that they are going to work and if they do, you won’t be sure how long it will hold up. One of the best and completely affordable plans is to apply roof coating on the surface.

The roof coatings are available in different types. Today there are available asphalt based, elastomeric and also polymer coatings in the market.

1. Asphalt flat roof skylight coating is found in a liquid form and is generally in black color. It is petroleum based and thus if one is about to purchase this then it is essential to look for one that comes with a warranty. Also, check out whether it has embedded fiberglass in the fibers throughout the surface. These coatings, therefore, should only be used over the roof based on asphalt. In other cases, these can also be used over the metal based roof but it is not sure whether they would work well on such surfaces or not.

2. Some of the roof coatings are there which have some aluminum flakes. One of the main advantages is that it reflects the sunlight and therefore lowers down the temperature during summers. It also saves the additional cost to be incurred for cooling effect.

3. The elastomeric type of coating for flat roof window is based on rubber and comes in form of liquid. These would be available in white color which gives a cooling effect. Moreover, they can also be mixed with color to make it attractive. These types of coatings are considered better than asphalt ones. This reduces the risk of a large number of issues that arise otherwise. These can also be used for all metal roofs, concrete, asphalt, and rubber roofs as well. Thus use roof coatings for protection.

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